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Tennessee Water Polo Officials Association (TWNPOA) is responsible for the development of water polo officials throughout the state of Tennessee. Specifically, this includes recruiting and training officials, assigning officials to competitions, and conducting performance evaluations. Additionally, TNWPOA jurisdiction includes the enforcement of all NFHS water polo rules. TNWPOA is committed to the growth of each of its member officials and will educate its membership on the most current NFHS rules and interpretations.

TNWPOA was founded in 2015 and its current officers are as follows:

  • President: Brandon Nicholson
  • Vice-president: Mike Miles
  • Treasurer: Kevin Heinrich
  • Secretary: Matthew Stuckwisch
  • Directors
    • East: Matthew Stuckwisch
    • Middle: Brandon Nicholson
    • West: Kevin Heinrich
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